Samsung x Maffashion | influencer marketing

The launch of the new SAMSUNG M8 monitor was a challenge that we have taken on together with one of the most popular creators in Polish social media. In connection with the guidelines and the specific strategy of the brand, we adapted the concept into the local market, presenting the product as the perfect choice for each interior. We presented the product potential by showing its usage options during work and leisure.

After the analysis of the Target Group and communication challenges, we decided to cooperate with @Maffashion whose profile best suited the Client's requirements. An additional advantage was the influencer's long-term cooperation with the brand, which influenced the credibility of the message.

Her Instagram posts and IG Stories reached a total of almost a million views, generating user engagement of more than 17,000 activities.

Campaign elements:

  • Concept and development of the communication strategy
  • Creatives, along with its implementation
  • Influencer management and social media activities on the creator's channel
  • Detailed campaign post buy-analysis containing the implementation of campaign KPIs
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