TikTok x Men’s EHF Euro 2022 | production, brand activation

Activation of the brand comissioned by TikTok (ByteDance) during Men's EHF EURO 2022.

As the only vendor of TikTok (ByteDance) in Poland, we provide production services for the entire CEE region. One of the projects was to create formats specifically tailored to Men's EHF Euro 2022, allowing for brand activation campaigns in the area of production.

Thanks to creation of audiovisual elements (Cube, LED bands), we conducted TikTok placement in a spectacular way during the European Championship in handball in every stadium in Europe, indicated by the organizer.

Proper brand placement allowed for a non-invasive appearance of the platform in both traditional media, which estimated range is 1.5M HH and other formats, including OOH, digital and social media.

With in-house production we were able to optimize costs and effectively carry out the entire process, beggining with the brief and culminating in the final report.

Campaign elements:

  • Creation
  • Conceptualization
  • Visual production with sfx and vfx elements
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