It's crucial for us to focus not only on a brief, but also on Client's needs

Creative, production, strategy, analytics, media buying, marketing implementation and results reporting. At each stage, we want our Clients to feel valued. We help them to create the best brand and sales messaging.

  • Strategy

  • Creative

  • Media

  • Digital

  • Production

  • Influencer Marketing


Using industry data and reports, we offer our Clients best possible communication solutions, tailored to the current market situation. We successfully implement insights into marketing strategies, from creation to media buying. We create campaigns with best consideration of costs optimization and effective rich out to the Clients' Target Group.


We analyze

  • the brand / product Target Group
  • competitors’ activity
  • marketing potential across different media platforms


We support the Client at all stages, from the creative idea to reporting the effects. 360° Marketing Campaigns are well known to us.

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Creative Concepts

We create original, custom concepts in all formats permitted by legal regulations, including:

  • scripts, storyboards of online (digital, influencer marketing) and offline (radio, television, cinema) activities
  • ATL and BTL formats
  • OOH - Out of Home Advertising (frontlight, backlight, citylight, scroll), in dedicated points (shopping malls, pharmacies, hypermarkets, ATMs, parcel counters, sports facilities)
  • DOOH - including campaigns adapting the creatives to weather conditions or emission hours


We plan, implement and determine KPIs in advertising campaigns covering all media.

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We always offer solutions that will be cost-effective, including:

  • TV campaigns (sponsorship, spots, product placement, presentation of experts in TV programs)
  • local and national radio campaigns (sponsorship, spot)
  • VOD campaigns
  • on-screen cinema campaigns before selected movies, as well as off-screen in cinema space
  • digital (Google Ads, content marketing, influencer marketing, paid social)


We are aware that the target customers of brands spend most of their time online.

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We engage the audience in many ways:

  • we create brands' social media channels from scratch: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook
  • we take over the Clients' social media channels and offer new solutions (posts, reels, stories, TikToks, videos creation, content moderation)
  • we create online events and coordinate their live stream in terms of content and technical support
  • we run programmatic, search and display campaigns
  • we plan and implement campaigns with influencers


All activities are performed in-house, which means that at each stage we have full control over the effect expected by the Clients. We offer comprehensive support in content creation for both traditional media (TV, radio, outdoor) and digital media.

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We create audiovisual production from scratch. We specialize in:

  • advertising spots/sponsor billboards (TV, VOD, radio, social media) - of any length, compliant with the emission requirements
  • webpages - design, coding, testing, implementation of CMS systems, creation of graphic content and copywriting
  • landing page - dedicated for specific sales, image or lottery campaigns
  • editing, mastering and voice-over recording for the purpose of video- or audio-production
  • audio - composing music for specific productions
  • 2D / 3D visualizations

Influencer marketing

We value those who can build a community. We believe that the benefits of cooperation are comprehensive and visible to each party. image 3.jpg

Our Clients receive a tailor-made offer:

  • we precisely select the influencer whose followers are similar to the Target Group of the Client's product or service
  • we give advice at every stage of content creation (social media platforms selection, creative suggestions, publication)
  • we analyze communication statistics in detail and give in-depth insights and recommendations

Benefits of cooperation

Influencer marketing is not only about running a campaign, but also about comprehensive management that we provide to creators. The cooperation between our team and influencers is based on:

  • holistic advisory on building communication strategies
  • legal and accounting assistance
  • coordination of current activities and cooperation in the field of new offers
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